Third Man in Havana

Third Man in Havana
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ISBN: 9781906850302
Anul publicării: 2012


Third Man in Havana

Tom Rodwell

An uplifting tale of cricket - but not as you know it - making a difference in far-flung parts of the world.

For six years Tom Rodwell ran cricketing programmes from Cuba to Zimbabwe, attempting to soothe the world's ills with the curiously English balm known as cricket. Touching, amusing and imbued with a deep love of the game, Third Man in Havana documents the characters and experiences Rodwell encountered, such as Guantanamo Cricket Club opening bowler, Stalin, who perhaps unsurprisingly didn't take kindly to his LBW appeal being rejected in Cuba's first ever match against an England X1. From Beersheva Cricket Club pavilion in Israel - a converted nuclear bomb shelter, useful in the face of Hamas' regular rocket attacks - to a game of 'tapeball' cricket with ex-Tamil Tiger child soldiers behind barbed wire in Sri Lanka, Rodwell discovers that the heart of the game is beating fast in countries more used to conflict than cricket.


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