The Pride (Black Lace) Mass Market Paperback

The Pride (Black Lace) Mass Market Paperback
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ISBN: 978-0352339973
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 288


The Pride (Black Lace) Mass Market Paperback


Edie Bingham

Beautiful tour guide, Kami Osbank is known in her Turkish village as a seductive, formidable young woman. But she is so much more than that. Incredibly fit, strong and sensual, she is actually a member of an ancient race known as the Pride. She should stay with her own species, but Kami wants to live in the contemporary world and have fun, where sexual experience is part of a loving relationship. The only problem is that when Kami gets aroused she morphs into a demoness, and more than one loutish British holidaymaker has fallen to her deathly desires.
Everything changes when English tourist Mark Healey arrives in Turkey with his mates for a football holiday. Mark is different from the other tourists, and he and Kami find an instant mutual attraction that shocks and stuns both of them. Yet Kami dare not go too far, or Mark's life may be in danger, and this throws her into a maelstrom of erotic confusion. When Kami is abducted and returned to her strife-ridden people, Mark goes after her, embarking on a journey that's very different from the one he planned. An intense and cleverly written story that oozes originality and suspense.


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