Twins: From Conception to Five Years - Clegg, Averil; Woollett, Anne

Twins: From Conception to Five Years - Clegg, Averil; Woollett, Anne
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ISBN: 9780711212824
Anul publicării: 1998


Twins: From Conception to Five Years

Clegg, Averil; Woollett, Anne

Parents of twins must deal with practical arrangements and emotional issues that parents of singly born children never face. Based on detailed research and personal experience, this comprehensive text provides advice and information on every aspect of having twins, including: twin pregnancy and labour; the practicalities of breast- and bottle-feeding two babies; establishing a workable routine; how to encouarge separate identities; special issues for fathers of twins; twins at school; and twins and siblings. This handbook aims to tell parents everything they need to know about how to cope with the problems and how to make the most of the special pleasures involved in having twins.


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