Wrong Blood Lope, Manuel De

Wrong Blood
Lope, Manuel De
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ISBN: 9780099551850
Anul publicării: 2011


Wrong Blood

Lope, Manuel De

About the Author:

Manuel de Lope was born in Burgos, Spain, in 1949, and is the prizewinning author of over a dozen novels. He has lived in Switzerland and England, and is now based in Madrid. La sangre ajena (The Wrong Blood) is the first of his books to be translated into English.


"War, love and secrecy determine the lives of De Lope's characters. There are brutal scenes, moving passages and pages that are pure poetry. An unforgettable novel" -- Isabel Allende "Amid the current outpouring of Civil War fiction in Spain, the books of Manuel de Lope... should be top of interested readers' lists" * Independent * "Reading The Wrong Blood is like surrendering to a hypnotist... The style is a marvel of precision and patience, resulting in an atmosphere so saturated with suspense that I found myself wanting to read more slowly, even as I breathlessly anticipated the next paragraph. I've seldom read a more sublime and disturbing novel" -- Valerie Martin "The prosody of the original language has been retained in John Cullen's translation... mesmerizing... shattering... exquisite... A book that stays with you, inviting you to read it again" * Historical Novels Review * "elegantly poetic...the dream-like effect he achieves is immersive and moving" * Manuel de Lope *


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