Shakespeare 1564-1616: A Companion Guide to His Life & Achievements

Shakespeare 1564-1616: A Companion Guide to His Life & Achievements
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Shakespeare 1564-1616

A Companion Guide to His Life & Achievements

Who's who in Shakespeare

Gill Davies

An essential guide to the fascinating life and indispensable work of William Shakespeare

Marking the four hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, this beautifully illustrated collection emerges as a vibrant celebration of the most widely read author in the world. Containing insightful facts, lists and helpful guides to Shakespeare's life and work, as well as over 200 complementary illustrations that capture the atmosphere of his richly drawn worlds, no Shakespeare lover's bookshelf is complete without this exceptional volume.

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon in the English Midlands, William Shakespeare made his name as an actor and playwright in 16th century London. Despite being criticized by his early contemporaries for his lack of a university education, Shakespeare's incredible output quickly hurtled him to prominence. A largely anonymous playwright in 1592, by 1598 he was a celebrated name in London drama circles. Now, some four centuries later, Shakespeare's indelible mark on our culture can still be seen in literature, theaters, cinemas and on television screens all over the world. Even our very speech still bears his fingerprints. It is estimated that Shakespeare invented over 1700 new words during his career, most of which are still in use today.

Exploring everything from his monumental oeuvre, to the mysterious and sometimes murky details of his remarkable life, and his ongoing influence on contemporary art and culture, this wonderfully curated guide to the immortal bard shows us why Shakespeare is still such an indispensable part of our lives.


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