Florentina Mateescu

Millennia later, the Bible comes to unveil its secrets. It only had to
happen now, when the global population is going through the greatest shift
of mankind: the transition to a different existential plain.
For this to happen, however, we need to understand the process.
And, before we can figure out this process of Transitioning, we need
to understand the process of Genesis and Creation. There is no mysticism
about it, rather scientific and knowledgeable facts, as the most advanced
concepts of nowadays science merge with the elusive force of the Creator.
For you to understand how to walk your path and what is your
destination, you need to learn where you come from. And how you arrived
at this point.
Therefore, in a simple, easily accessible phrasing, the pages of this
book will take the reader through a millennial trip of this world's creation.
It will unveil the secrets encrypted in a text that millions of people have
read for ages, but it is only now the time for it to uncover profound
The reader will acknowledge that each reading brings new
information to the surface, as the book has been written for seven levels of
Until this point in time, this information has been used to a certain
extent. Because this very hallmark of the Bible WAS MEANT FOR NOW!!


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